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About Us

At NanographeneX, our mission is to facilitate the distribution and adoption of nano-sized building blocks in various industries including the Aerospace, Defense, Chemistry, and Automotive sectors amongst others. The materials will also be supplied to forward-thinking research centres, universities, and institutes of excellence to further the understanding of their unique properties. Thus, enabling the continued productions of advanced technologies with the remarkable thermal and electrical conductivity, density, and resistance to corrosion that these wondrous materials provide.  Through our combination of industry and academia, Nanographenex is able  to develop new nanomaterial applications for challenging engineering works while providing them to over 90 countries.

Our company was founded in 2020 and works with the most progressive, dynamic, and smart minds in Europe to create pioneering Nanotechnology that we believe will change the world for the better. The following are some of the products we offer:

Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Fullerene (produced in different ways for different applications)
High Quality Nanoparticles and Microparticles (Elements, Alloys, Metal and Non-Metal Oxides, Compounds)
Nano and Microparticle Dispersions, Cellulose Nanocrystal, Cellulose Nanofiber
3D Printer Materials
Battery Equipment
Shape Memory Polymers
Wafers of Various Kinds and Properties (Si, SiO2, Si-SiNx, Borosilicate Glass, Fused Silica, Quartz and GaAs Wafers)