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06 Apr Aluminium Oxide-Alumina-AL2O3
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In the crust of the earth, aluminum is the third most abundant and plentiful element. Aluminum is well known for its everyday use in various things, i..
24 Mar Nanostructures for Li-ion batteries: an improvement strategy
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The race for the creation of long-lasting batteries at a global level is not shifting towards nanotechnology by using minuscule elements as a breakthr..
20 Mar What is a Carbon Nanotube?
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Carbon nanotubes are considered the allotropes of carbon which are made of graphite. Carbon nanotubes are cylindrical, having a nanometer scale in dia..
20 Mar What is a Nanocellulose?
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What is a Nanocellulose?Nanocellulose is considered a large solid substance that is extracted from plant matter having nano sized cellulose fibrils...
20 Mar What is a Fullerene?
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Fullerene is an allotrope of carbon where its carbon atoms are linked with each other with the help of single and double bonds. Due to these bones, a ..
20 Mar What is a Graphene?
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Graphene is referred to as the single-layer heat of carbon atoms where the carbon atoms are bonded together in the repeated patterns of hexagons formi..
20 Mar Lithium-ion Batteries
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Lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used technology, whereas a typical battery contains Lithium Cobalt and Nickel in the cathode and graphite in..
20 Mar What is a Microparticle?
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The size of these particles lies between 0.1 to 100 μm. Microparticles are considered to have an increased surface-to-volume ratio than at a macroscal..
20 Mar What is a Shape Memory Polymer?
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This category of polymers has the capability to deformation, which upon application of a stimulus, for example, heat and light, can turn these polymer..
20 Mar What is a Nanoparticle?
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Nanoparticles are small particles having a size between 1 to 100 nm. Nanoparticles cannot be seen with the naked eye; however, due to their significan..
04 Nov Nanocellulose in Ballistic Studies
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Nanocellulose in Ballistic StudiesCellulose is formed as a result of biosynthesis from plants, bacteria or animals. While nanocellulose is referred to..
21 Oct Graphene For The Solar Cells Of The Future
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Graphene For The Solar Cells Of The Future Energy and resources of energy are one of the most studied topics in the world due to the depletion and sca..
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