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Conductive Bakelite Powder

Conductive Bakelite Powder-Microparticles-
Conductive Bakelite Powder

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Flexural Strength

80-100 MPa

Charphy Impact Strength

1.8-2.8 kj/m2

Water Absorption

< 0.3 %

Specific Gravity


Mold Shrinkage (Flow)

0.9-1.3 %

Mold Shrinkage (Vertical)

0.5-0.9 %

Mold Shrinkage (Average)

0.7-1.1 %

Friction Coefficient



HB (1.5-3.0 mm)F

  • Bakelite made from thermoplastic phenol formaldehyde and was the first composite plastic to be composed of composite materials.
  • Electrical dissipation and heat resistance properties of this material have led to the use of Bakelite with the aim of producing various products in various industries such as electronics, electricity meters, kitchen appliances, aerospace, etc.
  • Bakelite is easily and quickly molded, which is a very important advantage in bulky products.
  • Bakelite is a type of thermosetting compound and therefore retains its shape and does not deform when it is molded, even after exposure to heat or various solvents.
  • Bakelite is also a good choice for new developments in the field of electricity and automotive because of its extraordinary resistance to heat, electricity and chemicals, and are used in the production of electrical devices such as lamp sockets and electronic tubes, all kinds of electrical parts, insulations, etc.