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Fullerene-C60 Purity: 99%

Fullerene-C60 Purity: 99%-Fullerene-GX01FUP0103
Fullerene-C60 Purity: 99%

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Fullerene - C60 which any of a progression of hollow carbon atoms that frame either a shut confine ("buckyballs") or a cylinder (carbon "nanotubes"), are called C60 particles, Buckyballs, or Buckminsterfullerene.

Fullerene-C60 are particles composed of 60 carbon iotas conducted in a progression of interlocking hexagons and pentagons, creating a football/soccer-like structure. Fullerene-C60 is really a "truncated icosahedron", comprising 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Fullerene-C60 atoms are incredibly symmetric and take shape into a face-fixated cubic structure on crystalline substrates; for example, Si and GaAs, in spite of the substantial cross-section confounded among Fullerene-C60 and the substrates.

The Fullerene-C60, especially the impeccably symmetrical C60 circle, have a delight and class that energizes the creative energy of researchers and nonscientists alike, given the design, arithmetic, architecture, and it's visual expressions. The revelation of Fullerene-C60 has prompted a huge shift in the comprehension of graphite, specifically graphene sheets on a nano scale. It is currently known that the most stable type of a carbon total, containing tens to a few a great many particles, is a shut buckyball or nanotube. This new understanding isn't confined to unadulterated carbon, it also applies to other sheet-framing materials, for example, boron nitride, which can likewise shape nanotubes. Shut fullerene structures, joining sulfides of such metals as tungsten and molybdenum, show magnificently strong oil properties. Directing carbon nanotubes might be covered with sheaths of metal sulfides to create small protected electrical wire.


1. Pharmaceutical: Diagnostic reagents, super drugs, cosmetics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) with the developer. DNA affinity

2. Energy: Solar battery, fuel cell, secondary battery. 

3. Industry: Wear resistant material, flame retardant materials, lubricants, polymer additives, high-performance membrane, catalyst, artificial diamond, hard alloy, electric viscous fluid, ink filters, high-performance coatings, fire retardant coatings, manufacturing bioactive materials , memory materials, embedded molecular and other characteristics, composite materials etc.  

4. Information industry: Semiconductor record medium, magnetic materials, printing ink, toner, ink, paper special purposes. 

5. Electronic parts: Superconducting semiconductor, diodes, transistors, inductor.  ,

6. Optical materials, electronic camera, fluorescence display tube, nonlinear optical materials.  

7. Environment: Gas adsorption, gas storage.

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