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Carbon Nanotubes Doped with 25 wt% Graphene Nanopowder/Nanoparticles

Carbon Nanotubes Doped with 25 wt% Graphene Nanopowder/Nanoparticles-Graphene-GX01GP0113
Carbon Nanotubes Doped with 25 wt% Graphene Nanopowder/Nanoparticles

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Low mass, high young's modulus, thermal conductivity, and surface area to volume ratio are mechanical features of refined and CNT. The maximum carrier mobility is seen in CNT and graphene. Because of their increasing thermo-electromechanical characteristics, graphene and carbon nanotubes have been regarded as attractive candidates for a wide range of applications such as nanosensors, nanoresonators, and nanoelectronics. Carbon allotropes, for example, graphene and carbon nanotubes, are considered to be used to tune the solid surface for the generation of a superhydrophobic surface for specific uses. Nanocomposites made of graphene and carbon nanotubes have the potential to provide more inventive and cost-effective electrical solutions. These materials' ultrahigh mobility values imply that they might surpass existing materials in next-generation high speed electronics. Its properties include increased electrical conductivity and mechanical quality, enhanced and improve tensile strength, hardness, and elastic modulus properties.


•    Screen displays, electric motors, sensor devices, aerospace, body armour, and tear resistant fabric fibres are some of the potential applications.
•    Other applications include conductive films in coatings, certain bioscience applications, electron field emitters for cathode ray lightning elements, Lithium battery anodes, hydrogen storage, nanocomposites, and nanoprobes.
•    The hybrid structure is projected to have improved electrochemical performance due to the double layer arrangement of carbon nanotubes and graphene, indicating that it is appropriate for use as an electrode in supercapacitors.
•    Furthermore, due to its extraordinary wide surface area, the CNT graphene hybrid structure has significant potential in hydrogen storage.
 Nanographenex Provides carbon nanotubes doped with 25% graphene in large quantities at affordable prices along with a variety of forms for various applications.

25 wt% Graphene Nanopowder 
Thickness (nm)5
Diameter (μm)1.0-12.0
Specific Surface Area (m2/g)500-1200
conductivity (s/m)1000-1500
Elemental AnalysisC
Carbon Nanotubes (Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes) 
Purity> 97 wt%
Average Outside Diameter (nm)> 50
Average Inside Diameter (nm)5
Length (µm)15-25
Tap Density (g/cm3)0.15
True Density (g/cm3)~2.4
Specific Surface Area (m2/g)> 65
Ash< 1.5 wt%
Electrical Conductivity (S/cm)> 98