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18650 Cylinder Cell Assembly Materials

18650 Cylinder Cell Assembly Materials possesses 18mm x 65mm dimensions where different components are involved in its manufacture and assembly. Its case is considered the most important part of cylinder cells assembly, which is available with an anti-explosive case. It is equipped with a built-in PTC  thermistor for overcurrent protection. It is made up of Nickel-plated A3 steel and seals O-ring, and the spacer is made of nylon. Nickel strips are highly corrosive resistant. Pure Nickel is rust-resistant when applied to batteries. 

Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0136
18650 Cylinder Cell CaseOD: 18 mm, ID: 17.5 mm, H: 67 mm18650 Cylinder Cell Case continues to be one of the most widely used packaging styles for primaryand secondary batteries. The advantages are ease of manufacture and good mechanical stability.The tubular cylinder can wit..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0118
18650 Nickel Strip for Battery TabWidth: 4 mm, Thickness: 0.1 mm, 1 Roll: 1 kgTechnical Properties:Purity>99.9%Width4 mmThickness0.1 mmApplications:Nickel Strip for Battery Tab is widely used in electric apparatus, chemical machinery, rechargeable..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0117
Aluminum Nickel Composite Strip for Battery TabWidth: 4 mm, Thickness: 0.1 mm, 1 Roll:1 kgTechnical Properties:Purity of Aluminum≥99.5%Purity of Nickel≥99.6%Aluminum and Nickel Alloy Ratio1:2Width4 mmThickness0.1 mmTolerance±0.0005 mmApplications:Aluminum Nickel Composite St..
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