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Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Double walled CNT is an emerging class that consists of two concentric carbon nanotubes. They also possess increased mechanical strength and thermal stability with increased electronic and optical properties. It also has the capability to become novel sensors and to be used in electronic devices. Which exhibit various other properties, including improvement in a lifetime and current density for field emissions. They are highly stable against aggressive chemical, thermal and mechanical treatments. Their applications include its use in conductive plastic parts, parts of aircraft, anti-static fuel hoses and electronics, etc. 

Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01CNT0102
Double Walled Carbon NanotubesPurity: > 65%, Length: 40-50 µm, black Double walled carbon nanotubes are a unique, special class of carbon nanotubes, comprising two nanotubes placecd inside one another. There can be varying degrees of interaction between the two tubes depending on the di..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01CNT0103
Short Length Double Walled Carbon NanotubesPurity: > 65%, OD: 2-4 nm Technical Properties:Purity> 65 %ColorblackLength0.5-2.5 µmOD2-4 nmID1-3 nmTap Density0.15 g/cm3True Density2.4 g/cm3SSA370 m2/gThermal Conductivity1.5 wt%Electrical Conductivity98 S/cmIgnited Temperature620 °C..
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