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Other Battery Lab Equipments

These are used to research and test energy storage systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. They are used in safety-critical driving situations. The battery laboratories serve research in the field of energy storage. Individual battery testing is also available in battery labs. Numerous other factors, including temperature and climate chambers, are also needed to ensure the research on energy storage systems. Electrolytes are highly corrosive materials; therefore, proper maintenance is necessary for the longer battery machine

Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0113
Aluminum Laminated Film for Pouch Cell Case Thickness: 113 μm, Width: 400 mm, Length: 10 m.Technical Properties:Layers from outside (Shiny) to inside (Mat) Polyamide (JIS Z1714):           &..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GC03BE0134
Technical Properties:4" AGATE Mortar and Pestle, 3 3/8" diameter,1 3/8" high and 1-1/8" deep4" High Quality Natural Agate Mortar and Pestle Volume: 100 ml.Translucent chalcedony with hardness 6-7.Handcrafted from the finest agate stone with shining polished grinding surfaces.The mortar is ..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0105
Li-Ion Battery Separator FilmLength: 800 m, Width: 85 mm, Thickness: 25 μmOne of the most critically important cell components to guarantee cell safety is li-ion batteryseparator, a kind of microporous membrane that physically separates the anode and cathodeto prevent&n..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0114
Li-Ion Battery Separator FilmThickness: 25 μm, Width: 60 mm, Length: 500 m, 1 Roll: 500 mTechnical Properties:MaterialPolypropylene (PP)Porosity42±3 % Thickness25±2 μmWidth60 mmAreal density13.2±1.0 g/m2Air Permeability350±100 s/100mlPuncture Strength≥400 gTensile Stren..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01NAP0112
PTFE Nanopowder/Nanoparticles [Polytetrafluoroethylene, (C2F4)n)]Purity: 99.9%Technical Properties:CAS9002-84-0Purity99.9%Formula(C2F4)nSize (D50)260nmMolecular Weight100.02 g/molSurface Area4.57 m²/gColorWhiteMelting Point279-326 °CSoftening PointIn Excess over 320 °CThermal Conductivity0..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0106
Silver Conductive Adhesive PasteAverage Grain Size: 5-10 μm, SSA: 0.5 m2/gWith an average grain size between 5-10 μm, our Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste can be used across a wide variety of electronic applications given its exceptional electrical conductivity and resistance to ..
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