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Anode Materials

Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01GPN0101
Boron Doped GrapheneBoron-doped Graphene (BG) is a novel nanomaterial based on graphene, a single sheet of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice. The addition of boron atom impurities into pure graphene increases the activation region on its surface, enhances its catalytic ability, accelerates redox r..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01BE0101
C-NERGY SUPER C45 Conductive Carbon Black as Conductive Additive for Lithium-Ion Batteries(set: 80 g), EQ-Lib-SuperC45Applications and Key Benefits:The main use of our C-NERGY SUPER C45 Conductive Carbon Black is to provide electrical conductivity to the electrodes of lithiu..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01BE0102
C-NERGY SUPER C65 Conductive Carbon BlackKey Benefits:C-NERGY SUPER C65 Conductive Carbon Black - With the unique combination of high structure and low surface area, this highly graphitic conductive additive for Lithium-Ion Batteries guarantees both remarkable system stability and distribution&..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01BE0103
C-NERGY Super PLi Conductive Carbon Black1 bag: 40 g.  Applications and Description :C-NERGY Super P Conductive Carbon Black is put to use in commercial applications given its lower rejection ratio and improved power density,. Our conductive carbon blacks have been used as black ..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01NCP0101
Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Micron Powder for Li-ion Battery Anode Materials This battery-grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Micron Powder for use in Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials - Whilst preparing the anode of a Li-ion battery, use CMC as an agent to thicken a thickeni..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0116
Conductive Acetylene Black for Li-ion Battery Anode/Cathode Particle Size: 35~40 nmTechnical Properties:Apparent Specific Volume16~17 ml/gIodine Absorption Number≥90 g/kgHydrochloric Acid Absorption Number≥4.4 ml/gResistivity≤1.8 Ω/mpH Value6~8Heating Loss≤0.2%Ash Content≤0.2%Grid Content ..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01BE0104
Conductive Graphite Powder for Lithium BatteryPurity: 99.9+%, Size: 1-5 µmTechnical Properties: Fixed Carbon (%)≥99.98Granularity (µm)1~5Moisture Content (%)≤0.08Ash Content≤0.01PH7Fe≤5S≤0.01Si≤1Cl≤0.1F≤1Al≤1Cu≤1Cr≤1Applications: This Conductive Graphite Powder for..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0101
 Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride) Micron Powder for Li-ion Battery, 10-20 micron, F/C   Ratio: 0.8-1.0Also known as polycarbon monofluoride, polycarbon fluoride and carbon monofluoride, our Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride) Micron Powder for Li-ion Battery, 10-20 mic..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0131
High Capacity and High Purity Graphite Micron Powder for Li-ion Battery Technical Properties:  Fixed carbon (%) ≥99.995 Moisture content (%) 0.033% Capacity 350.14 mAh/g SSA 1.480 m2/g Tap 0.978 g/cm..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0132
High-Performance Copper Foil Rolls for Lithium Ion BatterySize: 10 µm, 1 Roll: 2500 grams Applications and Description:Our High-Performance Copper Foil Rolls for Lithium Ion Batteries act as a pathway for electric currents and as a means of emitting heat generated by batter..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0131
High-Performance Copper Foil Rolls for Lithium Ion BatterySize: 25 µm, 1 Roll: 2500 gramsTechnical Properties:  Width  200 mm Length  131 meters Thickness  25 µm Areal Density  190-200 g/m2 Purity (%) More..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0105
Li-Ion Battery Separator FilmLength: 800 m, Width: 85 mm, Thickness: 25 μmOne of the most critically important cell components to guarantee cell safety is li-ion batteryseparator, a kind of microporous membrane that physically separates the anode and cathodeto prevent&n..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0102
Lithium Titanium Oxide (Li4Ti5O12) Micron Powder for Li-ion Battery Anode (LTO)Purity: 99+%, White, Tap Density: ≥0.92 g/cm2  Our Lithium Titanium Oxide (Li4Ti5O12) Micron Powder has a purity of greater than 99% and can be used in place of graphite within anodes of aver..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0101
Mesocarbon Microbeads (MCMB) Graphite Micron Powder for Lithium Ion BatterySSA: 1.539 m2/g, Black PowderMCMB (mesocarbon microbeads) synthetic graphite is prepared from petroleum pitch or coal tar. MCMB is one of the promising carbon anode materials for Li-ion batteries.MCMB has high speci..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0104
N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) Solvent for Lithium Battery Cathode MaterialsPurity: 99.90% Technical Properties: Purity 99.90% Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid Molar Mass 99.13 g/mol Melting Point -24 ℃ Boiling Point 202 °C (1013 hPa) Density 1..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0110
Nickel Tab with Adhesive Polymer Tape as Negative Terminal for Pouch CellWidth: 4 mm Technical Properties: MaterialNickel 99.99%, Adhesive Polymer Tape on the tab allows for immediate hot sealingLength57 mmWidth4 mmThickness0.09 mmMax. Loading Current3ANet Weight160 mg/pcsApplica..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX03BE0104
Nickel TabsWidth: 3 mm  Technical Properties:  MaterialNickel 99.99%, Adhesive Polymer Tape on the tab allows for immediate hot sealingLength50 mmWidth3 mmThickness0.09 mmMax. Loading Current3ANet Weight128 mg/pcsApplication1. Connect to cathode current collector as polymer ..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0104
Platinum Foil, Purity 99.95%, Thickness: 1mm, 1x1 cm Applications:With a purity greater than 99.95%, our high-quality Platinum Foil is available in various widths and thicknesses (please contact us for custom requirements).   This material holds great potential due..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX02BE0133
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Condensed Liquid Binder for Li-ion BatteryThis Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Condensed Liquid Binder is considered. environmentally friendly. For use in lithium-ion batteries, it demonstrates superb chemical stability which is extremely important in order to..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01BE0110
PVDF Binder for Li-ion Battery ElectrodesPurity: ≥99.5 %, set: 80 g  Popular for use in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, our high-quality PVDF Binder will hold the active material particles together and in contact with the current colle..
Brand: Nanographenex SKU: GX01BE0111
Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Binder for Li-ion Battery Anode MaterialsWater-soluble, PH: 6-7, Relative Density: 1.52 A water-based binder,  Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is used in the preparation of Lithium-ion anode electrodes as well as cathode slurries. It has a milky..
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